Sales Tips

Here are some sales tips to increase your chances of getting goods / services sold even faster. 

1) Put a good price    

Setting the right price is everything, everything is going to sell for the right price.

Look what others set on prices for similar goods/ services.

For faster sales, set a lower price.


2) Take great pictures              

A picture says a thousand words.    

Nice pictures arouse interest.

Place your item in a clear backdrop where it does not take away the focus from what you want to sell. Make sure your product is great & clean.

Take photos in good lighting.

Check that your image is sharp before it is published. Blurred images do not capture the buyer's interest as well.

Take more pictures from different angles.

Ads with several images get more visitors.


3 ) Clear title and ad text     

Think about what you would need to know if you are the buyer. It is obvious that a clear title and ad text is better than one that does not.

Write a clear and factual headline.

Write a detailed and relevant ad text.

Put in point format where possible.

Include important information such as availability time/day, what is included etc.

Be honest. Show the activity/ service flaw (if any).

Please check spelling. A properly spelled text gives a better impression.

                             Good luck with the sale!

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