Business Support

Rules for Advertising

Pin it Bali (PIB) reserves the right to determine when an ad is business like. The following are categorized as business:

-Trip itineraries


- Outdoor Activities

- Beauty Salons

- Restaurants


Advertisers promise to follow consumer protection laws (including the Consumer and the Consumer Services Act) and the Consumer Complaints Board recommendations.


An ad is out for 1 month (for normal ad listing) or 1-2 weeks (promotional ad listing) from the date on which the ad posted by you, unless you choose to remove the advertisement within the one-month or 1-2 weeks period. 


You are responsible for yourself as a user of the information that you put into the ads do not violate applicable laws and regulations. You as a user is personally responsible for your ad. 


PIB reserves the right to review all ads and to refuse or remove an ad on the grounds that it violates the rules for advertising, any third party, other legal regulation.


Description:  The ad title should describe the product or service, no company name or linkages may occur. No unnecessary characters may be used in the title. Goods or service must be described in the ad text, it is not acceptable to only put a website link to another page. Advertisers should not copy from other ads, as they may be protected by copyright and / or other laws and is the property of the PIB as indicated above.


No duplicates:  It is not allowed to place ads for the same product or service more than once at the same time. Delete the old ad before you place it into the new. It is also not allowed to place ads with the same goods or service in more than one category.


Unrealistic Deals:  It is not allowed to advertise unrealistic offers. PIB reserves the right to refuse or cancel publication of advertisements according to the PIB’s assessment on whether the ads are unreliable or unrealistic. Random or notification initiated controls are carried out continuously.


Offensive and defamatory content:  Ads that may be offensive or insulting to ethnic groups and / or individuals are not accepted. Some archaic names for ethnic groups may be offensive and may not be used. Photos and videos  of the offensive nature are not allowed. 





  • How do I post an ad?

Please refer to "How to advertise?" at the bottom of the website under "For Advertisers" section. Detailed steps are shown there.


  • How to edit/ change my ad?

Login to your account and you will be directed to your Dashboard page. View the ad that you want to edit. Click on the "pencil" logo and edit accordingly.


  • How do I delete my ad?

Login to your account and you will be directed to your Dashboard page. View the ad that you want to delete. Click on the delete logo and the ad is removed.

(There is no refund given if you delete your ad within the duration of your ad package that you have purchased.)


  • How do I renew my expired ad?

Login to your “Dashboard page” and click “Advertisement” tab.

If you have any expired ads, you will see “Pay All Ad Now ” under "Advertisement" tab. You can accumulate all the expired ads and pay them together by clicking that button.

Or if you want to pay your ads separately, choose the expired ad that you want to renew and click the “pencil” icon. At the bottom of the "Edit your ad" page, click “Pay and Active now” and choose the types of ad package and payment methods that you want.


  • How to add “Book Now” button on my ad page if I want to use the Online Payment system to charge my clients?

Go to your “Dashboard" page and click on "Advertisement" tab. Choose your ad and click on “pencil” icon.

Tick the “Use Payment Gateway for This Ad” checkbox and save the ad draft.

“Book Now” button will be automatically shown on your ad page.


  • What is the length of broadcast/ duration of the ad? 

The ad business listing’s duration is 1 month, starting from the time it is approved. The events/ promotion ad duration is 1 or 2 weeks, starting from the time it is approved.


  • When will my ad run on PIB website? 

When you bought the ad, PIB admin will take within 24 hours to approve it. Once it is approve, your ad will be “Live” on PIB website.


  • Why is my ad not running on PIB website?

Here are some of the most common reasons why you can not find your ad:

Your ad might be disapproved by PIB administrator due to violating the rules for advertising. Check that you have  received an email from us with the subject line "Not Approved" and change the ad.

Your ad is still under review by PIB administrator. If you recently posted your ad, or if your ad was added late in the evening, and, and you can not see it on the site when you search, it may be due to the ad is not yet reviewed by our reviewers. It takes within 24 hrs to let your ad be Live.

Your search does not match your ad. Check the filter in your search so that you have not searched in the wrong category, activity, area etc. Or  your ad was paid late. Payment must be made within 24 hours (for bank transfer) to be approved. Contact customer service for assistance.

You have paid, but PIB has not verified the ad. When you paid for the ad , an email receipt will be sent to you.

Check if you have received an email if you are the person who put up the ad.

Have more questions? Send an inquiry


  • Photos & Video in the ad

A picture says more than 1000 words and we know that good images for faster sales. Here you can see which formats and sizes that can be used in the ad.

image file must be of the file type jpeg, gif, or png. The optimum size is about 500KB, and a maximum of 855 x 430 pixels.

clips (via YouTube) can only be uploaded. To allow  your video to be able to appear in PIB website, put your YouTube website link while you are placing your ad.

Have more questions? Send an inquiry




  • How do I create an account?

Scroll to the bottom of the website. Under “For Advertisers”, go to Login. There is a “Create Account” and click it. Fill in the relevant information and register your account.

A confirmation email will be sent to you when your account is approved by PIB administrator.


  • Why is my account blocked?

You didn’t abide accordingly to PIB’s Terms & Conditions/ rules of advertising. Or your ad is reported by tourist users.


  • How to unblock my account?

Amend your ad accordingly to PIB’s Terms & Condition/ rules of advertising, click submit & email us to request for unblock.


  • Forgot your password?

Click on “Forgot your password?”  at the bottom of the Login section when you want to do a login, key in your email address. A new password will be sent to your email.


  • Change new password?

Login to your account. Top right corner of your Dashboard page, there is a "change password" column, click on it and you can change accordingly.


  • Change/ Edit company profile details?

Login to your account. Top right corner of your Dashboard page, there is a "change profile" column, click on it and you can change/ edit accordingly.


  • How do I view/ reply messages sent by the clients?

Go to your Dashboard page. The messages are under the "Message" tab where you can view clients' details and delete them.

If you want to reply their message, click on the client's email detail and you will be directed to Microsoft Outlook where you can email back. If clients have put their Whatsapp number details in the message, it will be faster to Whatsapp them instead.


  • I do not get the answers from PIB regarding to my ad

This is often because the e-mails blocked in your email box. Check your spam folder to see if the emails were transferred there. If you do not see the ad response, you can do the following:

For Hotmail / Outlook / Live:

Add the following addresses to the list of trusted senders (Add us as a trusted sender, even if you received e-mail from us in the past or checked by the spam).

Steps to add trusted senders:

1st Go to your email. 
2nd Click the little gear icon at the top right of your email and select '' Options ''. 
3rd Then click on 'Safe and blocked senders'' underlying '' Preventing junk. '' 
4th Click on "Safe Senders" and add and other relevant PIB contacts,  in the list. 
5th Click back on your browser and enter the "Blocked Senders". Double-check that none of the e-mail addresses are in there.

For Gmail:

1st Log in to your Gmail account.

2nd Click on 'Settings' in the upper right corner. 

3rd Click on 'Filter'

4th Find text 'Create a new filter' at the bottom of the page. 

6th Enter and other relevant PIB contacts in the field. 

7th Click on 'Create Filter' 

8th Mark 'Never send it to Spam' 

9th Click on 'Create Filter'

10th Save

•If it doesn’t make any difference, you can contact Customer Service and we will investigate further.

•Have more questions? Send an inquiry




  • How do I receive the payments made through PIB website?

If you did not use our Online Payment gateway system (i.e. risk of losing your potential clients), your clients will liase with you through email or mobile (listed on your ad) and payment will be paid directly to you.

If you use our Online Payment system to secure payments from your clients (i.e. sales secured immediately), we will accumulate your sales and bank into your account on every 16th of each month. You can monitor our payment transactions record to you in your Dashboard's "Payment" tab.


  • How do I view the payment transactions status done by the clients?

You can view and monitor the payment status under the Dashboard's "Payment" tab. However, you will only be able to view the payment status if you use our Online Payment gateway system to bill your clients.

If the payments are paid directly to you, we could not track the records as this is between you and your clients.




  • What is Pin it Bali Widget?

Widgets allow you to add Pin it Bali content to your own website. It displays your latest offers, events and promotes the best of your local area, the link to your Pin it Bali page, or encourage customers to refer your business.


  • Who uses Pin it Bali Widget?

Attractions, destination marketers, spa and salons all use our widgets to promote their business or location.


  • How do I add a Widget to my website?

To add a Pin it Bali widget to your site, you simply insert a line of HTML into your site’s source code. It is listed in your Dashboard page under “Widget” tab. Do not delete or edit any of the code in the HTML. If not, the Widget will not be working.


For any business enquiries, please feel free to contact us  at