Listing Fees


We do not take any commission from your sales. The price at which you sell to the users is all yours to keep. You only pay the listing fee for your item to be listed on our Website/ Social Media and nothing else. There are no other hidden charges, costs or expenses to pay. The listing fee set out below is on the number of ads basis.

Payment methods include bank transfer or credit card.


For those offering a Giveaway/ Promotion/ Events Campaign, the price is as follows:

(It will appear on our cover page under "What's On: This Week" section)


For those getting 4 ads or more, we have a special price for you:

If you choose to have a YouTube video listing, you can link your video URL to our website.


For those who wish to use our Online Payment Gateway system to charge your clients, we do offer this service too.

We will charge you an additional 10% per transaction as administrative charges.

(3.5% absorbed by the Payment Gateway system & 6.5% admin fee)


All currency in Indonesia (Rupiah) Dollars.