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5 Mountains With Breath Taking Views You Must ‘Go-To’ See When You Are In Bali

  Pin It Bali      18-04-2017

Apart from being famous as a touristic island with beautiful beaches and unique culture, Bali also has mountains and waterfalls. We will get on the top 5 list of mountains with breath-taking views for this article. There are around 25 mountains in Bali (yes, amazing!) and based on their locations and popularity, only 7 are mostly known to mountain hikers and climbers.

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Bali Immigration Information - Visa on Arrival

  Pin It Bali      10-02-2017

Arrival procedures at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport are straightforward, although it can take some time for planeloads of visitors to clear immigration; afternoons are typically worst.

At baggage claim, porters are keen to help get your luggage to the customs tables and beyond, and they've been known to ask up to US$20 for their services – if you want help with your bags, agree on a price beforehand. The formal price is 10,000Rp per piece. Luggage carts are always free.

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Canang Sari and How to Make It

  Pin It Bali      09-02-2017

Canang Sari and Explore How to Make It

On the island of Bali, followers of local Hindu beliefs create daily offerings called Canang Sari.

Canang Sari is the simplest form of offerings normally found on the streets of Bali, in front of every buildings and intersections. Canang Sari consists of an ornate carrier made of young coconut leaf / palm leaf, filled with numerous materials such as flowers, incense, food, money, etc. each has meaning of its own. Canang Sari works as daily offering to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa as a symbol of gratitude ...
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Historical Overview of Ubud

  Pin It Bali      16-01-2017

Historically, the Balinese village of Ubud can trace its roots to as far back as the 8th Century. It is documented on ancient palm leaf scripts that a revered holy man from India by the name of Rsi Markaneya embarked on a spiritual journey across Java and eventually came to the island of Bali to spread the teachings of Hinduism.

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Things To Do in Bali - Insider's Review

  Pin It Bali      03-01-2017

Many people think that Bali Island is only about beach leisure and party. In fact, this Island of God has lots to offer.

1. Beach (Yes, we have just mentioned it)

Often see pictures of blue sea water and white sands? Mostly, pictures of the beach are being promoted like that. Bali, however, is surrounded by beaches of different types, colors, and function. Some beaches has brown sands, some has white sands, and few has the famous black sand. The function varies from ...
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